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LILA: the ultimate relationship app - powered by astrology

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How LILA Works

LILA translates astrological symbolism into useful information that enhances each dimension of relationship

Step 1 - Self-Discovery

LILA generates a personalized astrological profile that highlights your relationship strengths and weaknesses

Step 2 - Social Discovery

LILA connects you with astrologically compatible people and gives you insights to make getting to know someone easier and more fun

Step 3 - Relationship Building

LILA uses astrological timing techniques to keep you aware of dynamic shifts and changes inherent in relationships

Discover People
and Meet Your Match

What if you could know what someone will look like to you after 6 dates?

Utilizing psychological insights gleaned from astrology, Lila helps you date deeper. We know you don’t want to waste any more time and energy trying to find a date that goes nowhere.

With Lila, you will have a much better idea what you are getting yourself into when you decide to invest your time getting to know a perfect stranger.

Lila combines the ancient art and science of astrology with the modern technology of digital connectivity to help you get to know yourself, connect to others and navigate relationships.

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How LILA Started

Steven Forrest publishes Skymates, his first relationship astrology book


Ricky Williams abruptly retires from the NFL at the height of his career, and discovers astrology through an international spiritual journey


Ricky approaches Steven at a conference in Seattle, and becomes one of his evolutionary astrology students


Ricky and his wife Linnea Miron take Steven's synastry class, and begin the blueprints for a dating and relationship app powered by astrology


Matt Cohen, a family friend with app experience was brought into the project, and LILA was founded!

Find your perfect match!
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