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    Why Your Birth Moment Matters

    Why is the time of day when you were born so important? If you took your first breath during the last week of March, you’re an Aries – there’s no doubt about that. But an Aries born before dawn and one born at high noon are . . . well, as different as night and day. 

    The Rising sign is also a critical piece of information, and that sign changes every couple of hours – no way to know it without a birth time.
    Then there’s Moon – it enters a different sign every two or three days. That means that on a certain day, it might be in Aquarius for lunch, but in Pisces by cocktail hour. Find your birth time!

    Fans of our Wizard, Steven Forrest, once sent a pair of twins to him for consultations. They were born only ten minutes apart, but everyone said that they were “as different as night and day.” Well, they were! One was born just before sunrise and the other one just after. That made the first one a leader and the second one a natural mystic. No one would ever confuse them – except an astrologer dumb enough to work without knowing the time of birth!

    Astrology can get complicated, but the foundation of LILA is built on understanding the three most pressing factors in anyone’s chart: the Sun, the Moon, and the Rising sign. Together, we call them the Primal Triad™. Without an accurate time of birth, we definitely cannot ever know the Rising sign. Worse, about a third of the time, we are just guessing at the Moon sign. We think LILA can be helpful anyway – but why ask her to go out for a pass with one hand tied behind her back?

    Look for your birth time! It’s usually not too hard to find.

    Click here and request a long form birth certificate.

    There’s so much more to you than you may realize!

    The key to all your relationships begins with the one between you and yourself. If you don’t know what you actually need in order to be happy – and what you don’t need and where your own blind spots are – you will hit the wall every time.

    Your journey begins with LILA activating deeper awareness of yourself. We do that by understanding your Big Three power sources – the Primal Triad™!

    LILA gets you there quickly through its Primal Triad™ Generator.

    They are the interwoven kingpins influencing our lives and all of our interactions.The Moon reveals your innermost heart, while the Rising Sign shows “how you dawn on people” – the first impression you make and how you make connections.

    This Primal Triad mirrors your true multidimensional complexity far more effectively than simply knowing you are “a Taurus” or “a Gemini.” Bringing all three into focus unlocks your ability to be and discover much more of yourself.

    Not knowing all three just puts everyone into one of twelve way-too-simple boxes.
    Think of another famous triad – Body, Mind, and Spirit. Imagine knowing about all three of them in a person. Compare that with just knowing “he’s tall.” That’s what lights up when you use the Primal Triad™!

    Lila will give you all the fundamentals you need. If you want to learn more about how astrology works, check out the website of our Wizard, Steven Forrest:

    For starters, if you want to actually begin learning astrology, read Steven’s first book, The Inner Sky.You can get it here:

    If you just want to know how astrology works and why it is not crazy to believe that your mind interacts with the planets, read Steven’s book, The Night Speaks. You can get it here: